What it’s like to have a brain in permanent flow state – a qEEG report.

What it's like to have a brain in permanent flow state - A qeeg report. I never thought I’d ever find myself sitting in a clinic with electrodes hooked up to my head, except that’s exactly what happened when I visited Peak Brain Institute clinic in Los Angeles earlier this month. It was to complete my brain map, using a quantitative EEG (qEEG) test, which shed much light on the way my brain is functioning and helped pinpoint opportunities to optimize. Read on for a complete breakdown of the report below, but here’s an excerpt from my consult with Dr. Andrew…


How I moved almost 3000 lbs in under 2 minutes with ARX Fit

how i moved nearly 3000lbs in under 2 mins with arx fit Let me tell you how I managed to leg press nearly 3,000lbs in under 2 minutes ! When I visited New York City recently, I stopped in at Hackd Fitness gym to check out the facility. It is every biohacker's dream with all of the training and recovery machines and tools that they have there ! In my previous post, I shared my experience with the Fit 3D body scanner. It measured my body shape, body composition, posture, balance and more, scoring me against other people…


My Fit 3D body scan results: Data don’t lie !

My fit 3D body scan results:data don't lie ! I finally got to try the Fit 3D body scan and I'm excited to share the type of data you can expect to get !I had the opportunity to do the Fit 3D body scan while in New York city earlier this month. I just had to stop by and check out the facility. It is essentially every biohacker’s dream with all the best and latest machines and technology to upgrade your wellness, fitness, and recovery.The woman behind the vision for HackdFitness is Pamela Gold, who is just a beutiful…


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