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Oksana Andreiuk at DARK FUTURES YYZ

My opening talk at DARK FUTURES YYZ 2019 on how the genetic revolution is already beginning to transform today's societies and where it may lead. Many conferences talk about the incredible possibilities that are delivered by innovations, DARK FUTURES speaks about the hidden systems that affect our daily lives (whether we are aware of it or not).

Oksana Andreiuk on a Biohacking Panel at Startwell

Watch the full Biohacking Panel, recorded live at Startwell Toronto, with Oksana Andreiuk, Dr. Navaz Habib - a Functional Medicine Doctor at the Living Proof Institute, Author and Speaker, and Ash Aly - a Quant/Data Scientist.

Oksana Andreiuk on How to Biohack Sleep at the Neo Retreat

An excerpt from Oksana's talk on Biohacking Sleep at Neo Retreat at MindSet Brain Gym, where she spoke on what biohacking is, why sleep is fundamental for optimal health and longevity, and how to biohack sleep quality and duration to feel our best every day. This was an amazing half-day retreat to refuel and recharge, featuring four other wellness experts, set in the heart of the city.

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