how i moved nearly 3000lbs in under 2 mins with arx fit

Let me tell you how I managed to leg press nearly 3,000lbs in under 2 minutes !

When I visited New York City recently, I stopped in at Hackd Fitness gym to check out the facility. It is every biohacker’s dream with all of the training and recovery machines and tools that they have there !

In my previous post, I shared my experience with the Fit 3D body scanner. It measured my body shape, body composition, posture, balance and more, scoring me against other people of my age and gender. It was a humbling experience to say the least but also very motivating.

I also got to try out the ARX Fit training machines during a couple of visits (yep, I fit in two Hackd Fitness workouts to make the most out of my NYC trip !) and I’m excited to share my experience and results.

Here we go !

First thing's first - What is ARX Fit !?

Based on their website, “ARX Fit echnology combines computer-controlled, motorized resistance that is capable of matching the force of any user 100% of the time.”

What that means is that the machine will, in real-time, match your force or resistance. This will give you the ultimate workout and push you to your MAX output while eliminating any guesswork out of choosing the right weights. 

Whether you’re strength training to build up muscle mass or recovering from an injury, the ARX Fit claims to make it virtually impossible to hurt yourself while using it. So you’re bound to get the most efficient workout with perfectly calibrated sets, every time. 

How long does it take ?

A full body ARX Fit workout on both machines takes approximately 20 minutes or less. 

Uhm YES! No more slugging away at the gym for hours. 

Ok but if it’s such a short workout, does that mean I have to be doing this every day ?

Well here is the best part…

ARX Fit promises to be the most efficient workout. Since you’re pushing your muscles to their absolute max, it’s actually recommended that you do the full body ARX Fit workout only twice a week !!

Ain’t that the dream !? 

Alright, so let’s take a look at the machines we’re talking about here.

There are two ARX Fit machines, the Alpha and the Omni:

ARX Fit - The Alpha
ARX Fit - The Omni

Workouts you can do on ARX Fit Alpha:

  • Leg Press
  • Chest Press
  • Compound Row
  • Calf Raise
  • Torso Extension
  • Torso Flexion

Workouts you can do on ARX Fit Omni:

  • Belt Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Calf Raise
  • Pulldown
  • Pullover
  • Compound Row
  • Overhead Press
  • High Pull
  • Chest Press (3 angles)
  • Pec Fly
  • Triceps Pressdown
  • Biceps Curl
  • Hamstring Curl

The Alpha is the original, while the Omni is the upgraded latest version that offers more exercise options.

That said, you can only do the leg press on the Alpha, so there’s that.

How much are these beasts?

You’d have to contact the manufacturer to request an official quote, but a little birdie told me one of these could put you out $20-30K…but don’t quote me on that 😉

First Visit - Trying the Alpha

On my first visit to Hackd Fitness I simply demo’d the Alpha so I didn’t yet make an account.

Below are my Leg Press results:

The light gray line is just me trying out the machine on the first round. The trained was explaining how all the features worked and I played around with the intensity to see how it would adjust to my resistance in real time. It’s good to practice getting to know your strength and testing what it feels like to be giving 100% output, versus 80%, versus 60%. 

The black and red lines are the real deal after the practice round !

The black lines on the graph indicate Concentric Phase – what you experience when you lift a weight. This is when the machine was moving toward me so my knees got closer to my chest.

The red lines indicate Eccentric Phase – what you experience when you lower a weight. This is when I was pushing my legs away from my chest. 

The highest numbers that you see on the graph in the red and black boxes indicate the “max peak” – the force that you are capable of producing. 

Why is this important ? 

The difference between the number in the red versus black box at each max peak, is a show of the return on investment that you’re leaving on the floor at the gym when lifting regular weights.

How ?

Well, take the number in the red box. 

I could LOWER this weight, but then I’d be unable to LIFT it back up. My lifting strength is the number in the black box.

Now I was still getting used to the machine and my strength during this session. I don’t do much weight lifting on my own, it’s on my list for 2019 though ! But you can see in my numbers that my Concentric output on the second rep probably wasn’t my max because I still had more steam left in me by the third round to bring it up higher. 

However, my Eccentric outputs were pretty good, showing a gradual burnout throughout the three reps.

In the end, I managed to move 1616 lbs in just 43 seconds !!

What I love is that ARX Fit stores all your data in the cloud, so you always have access to your results, allowing you to view and track your progress over time. 

Next came the Chest Press:

I did 5 reps here over the course of 1min 12 seconds and again you can see my body adjusting to the novely of the machine as time went on.

My first rep wasn’t nearly at my max. I thought it was. As the trainer stood there motivating me to give it my max, you can see that by the second rep I completely surpassed my initial Eccentric Phase max (red line).

And then I thought I was at burnout by rep 3. I was wrong again. When prompted to give it my all at rep 4 and finish strong, I managed to hit almost the same Eccentric Phase max as on the 3rd rep. 

So it’s interesting with these machines, because these workouts really made me realise I’m stronger than I thought.

Second Visit - The Alpha and the Omni

I loved my intro visit to Hackd Fitness so much that I had to come back 2 days later and try the ARX Fit machines again. This time, I tried both the Alpha and the Omni. 

First, the Leg Press again:

These were the MOST interesting results for me personally. They really show how much of a mental game these workouts can be.

It’s all about your mindset !

I went into this workout thinking “Well, I just worked out less than 2 days ago until fatigue. My muscles are probably still sore and I shouldn’t push myself as hard today.”


You can see it in my numbers. 

I did 4.5 reps this time instead of 3 AND I beat my total output over the previous leg press.

I moved nearly 3,000 lbs in 1 min 25 seconds !

The first three reps reflect a mental battle –  (1)I can’t push myself, (2) no wait, I think I can, (3) ok that was a lot I should slow down.

Then BAM, rep 4 and 4.5 I hit a higher Eccentric Phase max (red line) than in the previous 3 reps !

I still had WAY more fuel left in the tank than I led myself on to believe. When it came time to give it my all on the last couple of reps and my competitive drive kicked in, I surpassed whatever mental barriers where keeping me back during the first 3 rounds and really racked up the numbers!

Lesson learned – don’t underestimate your strength !

Up next, Chest Press:

I’d say this was pretty much my best set of reps in terms of starting off with my strongest max and gradually working down to burnout with each rep. 

But AGAIN, when it came to my last 6th rep, you see the big spike in my Eccentric Phase max point. Meaning I still had more fuel in the tank the entire time !

Altogether, I managed to move 1,176 lbs in 1 minute 59 seconds which is pretty good considering I never do chest press type of workouts on my own. 

It was cool to challenge and pleasantly surprise myself – definitely walked away feeling great !

At the end of each set of reps, your data gets added to your personal Workout Summary.

You can see in 6 minutes and 31 seconds I managed to do one Leg Press warm-up plus workout, one Chest Press warm-up plus workout, and a Rowing workout. 

The total Session Time was about 17 minutes since I was chatting with the trainer between sets to learn more about the machines and score meanings.

But if I was moving directly set to set, it’s pretty incredible that it would’ve taken only about 5 minutes to work 3 different muscle groups to burnout. 

Efficiency ! I like it !

Next up –  trying the Pulldown workout on the ARX Fit Omni:

Not as easy as it looks ! The whole time the machine is matching your resistance and making you work at your max !

Now this is an exercise I don’t do all that often so it was interesting to see the results. 

My biggest takeaway is WOW my Eccentric Phase max is WAY higher than my Concentric Phase max. 

Typically Eccentric Phase is higher but with all other exercises, the two weren’t too far off. 

What this tells me is I’m MUCH stronger in my ability to lower the weight versus my lifting ability.

Now if I were to be doing this exercise on a regular machine, I would likely be setting my weight to my Concentric Phase max and leaving all Eccentric progress on the gym floor. Wouldn’t be the most efficient way to build strength that’s for sure.

Just wish I had access to an ARX Fit machine without needing to fly down to NYC !

And my final time. 

In this session, I completed:

  • Leg Press (ARX Alpha)
  • Chest Press (ARX Alpha)
  • Compound Row (ARX Alpha)
  • Pulldown (ARX Omni)
  • Bicep Curl (ARX Omni)

If you have a gym near you with ARX Fit equipment, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

I definitely surprised myself (in a good way!) with my scores and this was motivation to incorporate more strength training into my workout routine. 

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