Hi. I'm Oksana Andreiuk.

I am a futurist, biotechnology expert, biohacker, and strategist with a passion for digital health innovation and life extension.

I founded Canadian Biohacker with a mission of bringing health optimization and anti-aging science to the mainstream through organizing events and public speaking, as well as raising awareness and public education through social media channels.

In addition to my work in the health optimization space, I have over 7 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry across US and Canadian markets, working in medical and marketing strategy, digital transformation, as well as leading design and implementation of innovative digital solutions and omni-channel market activation strategies for products across Oncology, Vaccines, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Urology, Neurology, Pre-Natal Health, and Pain Management therapeutic areas. 

On the non-profit side , I have Co-Chaired the Revenue Development and PR & Outreach Committees at the Canadian Science Policy Centre, a non-profit organization and Canada’s largest science and innovation policy community hub.

I have a long-standing interest in the applications of biotechnology and big data in healthcare, holding an HonsBSc in Genetics, a Master of Biotechnology, and a Management of Enterprise Data Analytics certification from the University of Toronto. I believe the future of healthcare lies in the application of biotechnology to enable disease prevention and delaying (and even reversing!) the aging process, ultimately extending healthspan and lifespan.

Want to work with me ? 

Join the biohacking movement or reach out over email: oksana at canadianbiohacker dot com

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Ultimate Biohacking Reading List

Sorting through health optimization information online can be daunting and overwhelming (information overload!). That’s why I put together The Ultimate Biohacking Reading List, featuring credible thought leaders and top sources of information.

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What you’ll get is a downloadable 90+ page PDF of 80 book titles and descriptions, across 10 awesome categories:

  • Biohacking
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  • Genetics
  • Brain Health & Neuroscience
  • Sleep
  • Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Metabolism
  • Mindset & Altered States
  • Humans 2.0

You DON’T need a science background to dive into this reading list. This list is for everyone looking optimize their vitality and live healthier for longer.

No matter what your health and performance optimization goals are, you WILL find something that speaks to you !

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