Selected talks, seminars, and events. 

(May 2020) Speaker, “Biohacking for Longevity”, @ Longevity 2020 Conference

(April 2020) Podcast guest speaker, “Biohacking tips to boost your immunity”, Talk About Talk podcast

(March 2020) Panelist, “The Future of Food” @ WE Global Learning Centre

(Jan 2020) Panelist, “Beyond Biohacking” @ Sweat & Tonic

(Nov 2019) Opening speaker, “You’re already a cyborg and it’s about to get weirder: the future of genetic engineering” at “Dark Futures YYZ event @ Startwell Toronto

(June 2019) Podcast guest speaker, “How long until I can live forever?” on “In Your Biz with Jonathan Harvey” podcast

(May 2019) Event host & panel facilitator, “Smart Drugs” CBC Documentary launch event @ Centre for Social Innovation

(April 2019) Speaker, “Upgrade Yourself and Optimize Your Life” @ Love Child Social House

(March 2019) Speaker, “Biohacking Sleep” at the Neo Retreat @ Mindset Brain Gym

(Oct 2019) Podcast guest speaker, “How to Prepare for 5G” on MEbyKiki podcast

(Dec 2018) Speaker, “The Prospect of Immortality” @ HackLab TO

(Dec 2018) Panelist, “A Panel on Biohacking” @ Startwell Toronto

(Oct 2018) Speaker, “Biohacking Sleep: A How-To Guide & Latest Sleep Tech” @ RED Academy Toronto

(Sept 2018) Panel host, “Media Disruption” panel at TIFF Disruptors Lounge event @ 619 King St W

(Aug 2018) Speaker, “Biohacking Your Brain’s Flow State” @ WeWork Richmond St

(June 2018) Speaker, “Let’s Talk Longevity and Undoing Aging” @ HackLab TO

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